Last date of submission of applications for Agripreneurship Orientation Program & Startup Agri-business Incubation program has been extended till 30th November 2021, by 2 PM. Please download the applications from the Upcoming Events page.
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Agri Incubator by UAS, Dharwad

Agriculture continues to be the mainstay of the economy with more than 70% of the rural population and 50% of total work force dependent on it for livelihood. While agri startups in India have made a head way, the Agri-startup boom is yet to proliferate in the Northern Karnataka. The area is blessed with the bounty of nature and the region is largely rural, with myriad agricultural and allied production dominating the agri landscape. Some of the positive implications for AgriTech-Startups include:

1. Encouraging more buying and selling within the rural boundary.

2. Contractual buying and contractual farming within the aegis of the boundary.

3. Assured market for farm products which will in turn encourage local rural economy.

4. Concurrent migration of people from rural to urban areas.

5. Boosting the local village economy by eradicating the problem of uncertainty of the farmers as well as that of rural economy.


a. To achieve "Lab to land" by dissemination of new technology /varieties to farmers through promoting a culture of Agri startups.

b. To promote innovation, entrepreneurship and business creation in agriculture and allied sector by skill development, capacity building and technology scale up.

c. To create employment opportunities for youth in agriculture in the rural vicinity.

d. To promote an integrated approach for technology acquisition, R&D, commercial technology transfer and knowledge dissemination.

e. To facilitate evolution of an Agri-startup ecosystem by support for cost effective, value added services including technical, legal, financial, intellectual property and regulatory compliance related services to Agripreneurs.

f. To build a vibrant Agri-startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institutions, industries and other related institutions.

g. Capacity building of existing Agri-business incubators as R-ABIs to achieve related objectives.

h. To generate/provide innovative solution to meet local and global agriculture and business challenges, and competitiveness.

Our Progress

117 Start-Ups Incubated

49 Start-Ups Received Financial Support

150+ Jobs Created

45+ Start-Up Events

Focus Areas

Our Incubatees


1 / 20

Launch of RKVY-RAFTAAR ABI Program

2 / 20

Screening of Applicants at CIC Meeting of First Cohort at UAS, Dharwad

3 / 20

Exchanging MoU Between UAS-Dharwad and Deshpande Stratups-Hubballi

4 / 20

Utkarsh Capacity Building Workshop, UAS-Dharwad

5 / 20

University of Agricultural Sciences-Dharwad signs MoU for Production of Sugarcane Seedlings

6 / 20

Trainees with KRISHIK-ABI Team at Deshpande Startups, Hubballi

7 / 20

Inauguration of Annual Workshop at KRISHIK Agribusiness Incubator

8 / 20

Monitoring and Recommendation Committee (RC) Meeting, New Delhi

9 / 20

Inauguration of First Cohort

10 / 20

Inauguration of Second Cohort

11 / 20

KRISHIK-ABI Team with CIC Members

12 / 20

Capacity Building Workshop at Deshpande Startups, Hubballi

13 / 20

RIC Meeting at college of FPTBE (Food Technology and Bio Energy), Anand Agricultural University, Anand-Gujarat

14 / 20

Best Incubator award was given to NIVEDI's NaaVic

15 / 20

Best Performing Startup (Seed Stage) given to Mr. Jai Kumar (Farmitopia Pvt Ltd)

16 / 20

Best Performing Startup (pre-seed stage) award given to Amulya Kulkarni (Crofting Technologies)

17 / 20

Signing of MOA of 1st Cohort Incubates, UAS, Dharwad

18 / 20

Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture Sri. B. C. Patil, Inaugurated KRISHIK- Agri Business Incubator, UAS, Dharwad

19 / 20

Signing of MOA of 2nd Cohort Incubates, UAS, Dharwad

20 / 20

Inauguration of Fifth Cohort, KRISHIK-ABI, UAS, Dharwad