1. What is the definition of a start-up?

We consider the DIPP definition of a start-up for this program.

  1. Is the program only for agriculture and allied sector?

Yes, it is only for agriculture and allied sector start-ups.

  1. Is a sole proprietor eligible to apply for pre-seed stage and seed stage funding?

No. As per the DIPP definition, partnerships, LLP. & Pvt. Ltd. company are eligible for seed stage. However, a pre-seed/idea stage entrepreneur may apply and undergo training and later apply for registration in order to receive funding.

  1. Is there any minimum qualification criterion for enrolment in both the programmes?

No, there is no such prescribed criterion. Programme is open for all entrepreneurial applicants irrespective of their qualification.

  1. Is there any maximum age limit for the applicant?

There is no maximum age limit however the applicant should not be a minor.

  1. Is it compulsory for the owner of the start-up to attend the training program or can his/her team member attend?

Founder or anyone from his/her core team is permissible to attend the training. However, it is suggestive for the founder to attend the training programme.

  1. What will be the funding procedure?

After the completion of two months training programme, K-ABI will forward the proposal of selected start-ups to the ministry for funding.

  1. What will be the venue of the training program?

Venue for training will be Krishik Agri Business Incubator, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad KA.

  1. Is the programme only for the people with a background in agriculture?

Applicants from any academic background can apply but his/her project should be under agriculture and allied sector.

  1. What are the criteria to get selected for grant in aid?

Start-ups showing some growth in a period of two months and meeting the parameters of selection by CIC of K-ABI will be selected.

  1. Is it compulsory for the people who have attended such trainings many times in the past to attend the two months training?

Yes, attending two months training is compulsory.

  1. Will an applicant receive 100% of project cost as a financial aid?

Under Agripreneurship Orientation Programme, selected applicants will receive 90% of the project cost in financial aid (maximum ₹5 lakhs), while under Start-up Agri-Business Incubation Programme selected applicants will receive 85% of the project cost in financial aid (maximum ₹25 lakhs).

  1. What will be the phases of fund disbursement?

For seed stage, fund will be disbursed to recommended start-ups in three tranches of 40%, 40% & 20% and for pre-seed stage, fund will be disbursed in two tranches of 60% and 40%.

  1. I have already availed the grant-in-aid for the firm in the past. Am I eligible to apply?

No. You cannot avail the grant-in-aid if you have received the grant-in-aid from any government body. However, if you have received prize money such as 'Elevate' grant, then you may apply.

  1. If an individual has applied for the pre-seed stage grant-in-aid in one cohort, can he apply for seed stage funding in the next cohort?

Yes, provided the pre-seed incubate achieves all the milestones and exhausts the previously released pre-seed grant money.