The last date for submission of applications of Agripreneurship Orientation Program & Start-Up Agri-Business Incubation Program has been extended till 17th November 2020 by 5 PM. Download the applications from the Upcoming Events page.

About AVISHKAR-Agri Business Incubation Program

Under start-up Agri-Business Incubation Program, financial assistance of a maximum of ₹25 lakhs will be granted to potential startups that have a minimum viable product (MVP) based on innovative solutions, processes, products, services, business models in agriculture and allied sector. The applicant incubatees would be provided funds as per their genuine requirements and as per appraisal/evaluation of their business plans by the program selection committee and the decision of the committee in this regard will be final. This support will assist the incubatees to launch their products, services, business platforms etc. into the market and help them to scale up their operations as well as to attain business viability at a faster pace. This support will also facilitate them to attract investments from angel/venture capitalists or taking loans from commercial banks /financial institutions for further scaling-up of their business operations.

Benefits for Start-Ups

1. Mentoring by domain and functional experts.

2. Business coaching and training by qualified professionals.

3. Technology Commercialization and Pilot Support – Hands-on support in technology validation and piloting.

4. Business and Financial Model Development – Assistance in building robust business and financial model by experts.

5. Funding of up to ₹5 lakhs & ₹25 lakhs for selected startups under the program.

6. Pitch Deck Preparation – Support in preparation of attractive, striking and eye-catching pitch deck.

7. Networking and Investor Connect – Demo day to network and connect with different stakeholders of ecosystem.

8. Infrastructure Support – State of art facilities for startups to in upcoming incubation building.

9. Intellectual Property Development – Assistance from qualified professionals in IP development and documentation.

10. Branding and PR – Support in branding and PR of startups through vast network of UAS, Dharwad and its publications.

Programme Highlights

a. Start-up Agri-Businesses eager to get integrated incubation support.

b. Two Months Training Cum Internship.

c. Grant-in-aid upto ₹25 lakhs.


a. To ensure timely seed support to deserving incubates.

b. To enable translation of minimum viable product (MVP) to marketable stage and scale up the product and business.

c. To provide a platform for faster experimentation and modification in their approaches or minimum viable product (MVP) based on innovative solutions, processes, products, services, business models etc. for scaling up.

Eligibility Criteria

a. All incubatees will be eligible for this funding on the basis of consistent performance evaluated by CIC.

b. The applicant should be a registered legal entity in India.

c. The applicant has to be an Indian start-up as per DIPP notification. This support is not meant for Indian Subsidiaries of MNCs/foreign companies.

d. A start-up supported once, will not be eligible for applying for the subsequent round of seed support.

Selection Process of Incubatee for Seed Stage Funding

a. The UAS, Dharwad Centre of Excellence (CoE) Incubation Committee (CIC) will select the potential incubates based on selection criteria.

b. During the selection process, CIC will take into consideration any other grant-in-aid funding received by the incubatee for the same activity/product from other GOI ministries. A self-declaration from the incubatee about such funding will be mandatory.

c. After two months of residency of incubatees, CIC will evaluate the progress of the incubatee and based on their performance recommend them for seed stage funding to the Nodal Division, Department of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers Welfare (DAC&FW).

d. Nodal Division, DAC&FW will approve and sanction the project of the incubatees based on recommendation of CIC and release the first instalment of the grant-in-aid to the CIC for further disbursement to the incubatee.

e. The CIC would execute a legal agreement with the incubatee who is selected for the seed support and this agreement should be signed before the release of the first instalment of seed fund to the incubatee. The terms of agreement with the incubatees start up should be framed by the CIC linking with the progress milestones, monitoring norms etc. Subsequent disbursement schedules should be linked to the achievement of milestones by the incubatee.

f. A maximum of 20 startups will be incubated and supported under this program.

Pattern of Funding Support and Release of Funds

For ensuring incubatee/private participation in the programme, 15% on proportionate basis of the project cost will be borne by the incubatee. The remaining 85% of the project cost on proportionate basis upto a maximum of ₹25 lakhs will be borne under RKVY-RAFTAAR scheme which will be released in three instalment as mentioned below:

i. The first instalment of 40 % of the sanctioned project for seed support will be released after signing of the agreement between the incubator/RABI and the incubatee.

ii. The second instalment of 40% will be released to the incubatee after recommendation of Incubation Committee based on their performance and achievement of milestone as well as after utilization of 80% of previously released amount and receipt of provisional UC of 80% of already released funds.

iii. The third instalment of 20% will be released to incubatee after recommendation of UAS, Dharwad Centre of Excellence (CoE) Incubation Committee (CIC) based on their performance and achievement of milestone as well as after utilization of 80% of previous released amount and receipt of provisional UC of 80% of already released funds.

Broad Activities to be supported under Grant-in-aid Funding

Expenses for the following broad activities would be supported under this program:

a. Product Refinement/Testing and Trials/Test Marketing/Marketing launch.

b. Expenses on data generation/data acquisition for ideas working on IT side/AI side.

c. Fees for IP issues/one time technology licensing fees.

d. Manpower for day to day operations.

e. Day to day operational expenses like electricity bill, incubation charges etc.

f. Any other area/activity as deemed necessary and recommended by UAS, Dharwad Centre of Excellence (CoE) Incubation Committee (CIC).

Incubatees Recommended for Funding from Govt. of India

First Cohort

Sl No. Name of Participant Title of Project Amount of Grant-in-Aid (₹ in Lakhs)
1 Vinay Kumar Patel, Kakud Post Harvest Pvt. Ltd. Technologies for optimizing storage systems 25
2 Giridhar Goudar, Biochem Research and Testing Laboratory Biochem Research & Testing Laboratory (BRTL) Food testing laboratory 25
3 Gautam Shigaonkar, HAEGL Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Smart device for detection and control of Fall Armyworm 25
4 Sharath P. Patil, Farmcent Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Fund my Crop: Crowd funded playhouse contract farming company 12
5 Chandrashekar R. Shetty, G.R. Green Organics LLP. Green Organics: Innovative solution to rebuild depleted soils by replacing toxic fertilizers, pesticides and chemical based fertilizers with organic and non-toxic inputs 15
6 Vasant M. Kamath, Hydrogreens Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Low cost micro-climate controlled vertical fodder growing chamber 15
7 Prajwal M., Oscillo Machines Pvt. Ltd. Semi-automatic electric Root washed paddy transplanter 25
8 Parashuram M. Mangnaik, Unostar Biochem India Pvt. Ltd. Innovative solution for disinfecting poultry, dairy & related fields 25
9 K.V. Shridhar, Shritha Agtech Pvt. Ltd. Agrimitra (brand): The farmers’ neighbourhood success partner 13.5
10 Sunanda R. Kalakannavar, Arivu Handloom and Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd. Sustainable nano natural dyeing technology, up gradation of handloom with modern technologies, development of diversified eco friendly handloom products 5


1 / 15

Trainees Exploring Mulching of High Value Crops at Hi-Tech Horticulture Farm, UAS-Dharwad

2 / 15

Symgrow Technologies, Deshpande Startups, Hubli

3 / 15

Hillikeri College, Haveri

4 / 15

Visit to KLS Gogte Institute Of Technology, Belagavi

5 / 15

Best Performing Startup (Seed Stage) award was given to Mr. Swetang Sharma ( Activx Petcare Technologies Pvt Ltd)

6 / 15

Bengaluru Tech Summit

7 / 15

Visit to ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dharwad

8 / 15

Trainees in an interactive session at Deshpande Startups, Hubli

9 / 15

Sharanbasava College of Engineering, Kalburgi

10 / 15

Trainees with Dr. Harsha Kikkeri, CEO, Holosuit Pvt Ltd and KRISHIK-Agri Business Incubator Team

11 / 15

KISAN India's Largest Agri Show, Pune

12 / 15

Webinar on Future & Prospects of Agri Entrepreneurship in India

13 / 15

News paper Clipping (Inauguration of 2nd Cohort)

14 / 15

News paper Clipping (Investor's Meet at KRISHIK-Agri Business Incubator, UAS, Dharwad)

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