Agripreneurship Orientation Program

ANVESHAN- Agripreneurship Orientation Program

Agripreneurship orientation program is aimed at providing an opportunity to students/youth to work on their innovative ideas by imparting two months training cum hands on internship with other startups. Guided by experienced and innovative startups, they will be able to understand business concepts/nuances, strategy and practical insights of specific industries or markets, challenges and strategies to resolve them.

After successful completion of the two months orientation program, KRISHIK- UAS, Dharwad Agri Business Incubator will facilitate incorporation of entities for all viable business ideas by the above mentioned interns. After that, these startups will be eligible for Idea/Pre-Seed Stage Funding, grant-in- aid up to Rs.5/- lakhs

      1. To nurture potential agripreneurs by providing training cum internship with other startups to provide them practical, technical and business insights.
      1. To create and nurture a pipeline of agripreneurs for incubators.
      1. To make pursuing entrepreneurship related to innovative ideas an attractive career option among other a viable career choices.
      1. Applicants should propose one innovative idea based on technology, service, business platforms etc., increasing efficiency in agriculture and allied sector.
      1. Applicants are expected to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations full time.
      1. Applicants should have an initial business plan/ proposal for the idea they intend to pursue.
      1. KRISHIK- Agri Business Incubator shall announce the program
      1. All applicants for this program will apply as per the prescribed format (Application Form).
      1. The selection of Agripreneurs that have an innovative idea based on technology, service, Business platforms etc. and interest in pursuing their entrepreneurial aspirations full time, shall be done by the R-ABI Incubation Committee (RIC), UAS, Dharwad.
      1. Under this program, KRISHIK- Agri Business Incubator, UAS, Dharwad will select a batch of 30 Agripreneurs that have a workable innovative idea. Short listed applicants after preliminary screening will be called to presentation their proposal before the committee at their own cost.
      1. Idea/ Pre-Seed Stage Funding: under this, subsistence grant of 90 percent up to a maximum of Rs. 5/- lakhs through R-ABIs will be provided to interns who have successfully completed the initial two months of Agripreneurship orientation program and are aspiring to convert their innovative idea based on technology, service, business platforms etc. into a prototype/ product. Startups supported for idea/pre-seed stage funding will be eligible for obtaining next stage of Seed Stage Funding after evaluation by RKVY-RAFTAAR Unit, DAC & FW, GoI.
      1. These young Agripreneurs will receive up to 60 hours initial training at KRISHIK Agri Business Incubator, UAS, Dharwad with hands on training cum internship with startups.
      1. They will refine/ work on their innovative idea simultaneously.

Focus Areas:

  • Organic Farming

  • Precision Farming

  • Agricultural Supply Chain

  • Agricultural Biotechnology

  • Post Harvest & Food Technology

  • Food Processing

  • IoT, ICT and AI in Agriculture

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Animal Husbandry, Dairying

  • Agri-Input tools and technologies

  • Farm Mechanisation

  • Agriculture Engineering

  • Agri Ext Education

  • Waste to Wealth, Secondary Agriculture

  • Agri Clinics & Farm Health services



Principal Investigator & CEO
KRISHIK – Agri Business Incubator
University of Agricultural Sciences,
Dharwad -580005 (Karnataka)